Ethically raised Bernedoodles, Goldendoodles + Aussiedoodles

Why Choose Us?

Past Puppies

We got our red mini golden doodle whom we named Ruby from Lakeside Doodles the Summer of 2019 and was so incredibly happy with the service, demeanor and beauty of our puppy. We were out of state and Lakeside Doodles helped up make the arrangements to get our Ruby safely in our hands. I would highly recommend Lakeside Doodles to anyone who wants to add a quality fur baby to your home.

Mark and Gay L.

This is the third dog we have purchased from Lakeside Doodles, each one has a great personality and impressive social skills.  I believe this speaks to the training and attention they get in their first few formative weeks.  Thank you for such great additions to our family.

Laurie A.

This is why we LOVE Lakeside Doodles and highly recommend them:
Korey responded very quickly to our initial interest in Pumba (now known as Charlie). She provided great detail on his background, as well as his parents. She explained in great clarity the differences in the breeds and designations.         

Chris and Michelle K.

Talk about an amazing little Goldendoodle puppy!  When we first picked him up at 9 weeks-old he was trained to go to the door and had very few accidents.  His social skills were amazing, he was able to blend in with our other 3 dogs very well.  When we went to pick him up from their home, he was with many other dogs not just his litter, I think this plays a huge role in his confidence.

Rick B.

Puppy Culture

We follow the Puppy Culture program when raising our Doodles because we believe it gives them a better start at life with a more rewarding future. These protocols work on neurological stimulation, enrichment and early socialization to make the transition into their new home easy.

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially made it through the application and screening process and have been granted the “Responsible Breeder” badge!

This means, Good Dog interviewed us about our program, fact checked our claims, and found that we were doing it right! When you see this badge, you know a breeder has been vetted and can find confidence in choosing a pup from us. We strive daily to develop a home and breeding program that you can be proud of!