F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 17 lbs
Birthday: 12/9/22

Easy Going, Loving, Affectionate and Loves playing with her human and canine siblings. She is so smart and was very easy to train.


F1 Medium Bernedoodle

Weight: 45 lbs

Birthday 3/4/2022

Cookie is very affectionate, wonderful with kids, likes hanging out with the family whether it is outdoors or lounging around, she plays fetch and tug of war, likes to cuddle, and have her belly rubbed.


F1 Mini/Medium Aussiedoodle

Weight: 38 lbs

Birthday: 1/10/21

Arie has a great personality and temperament!  She is very energetic, loves to play with her sisters and loves to run and be outside.  She also loves her one on one attention when she can get it without her sisters around.  She gets along very well with other dogs and people. Arie lives in a guardian home with her sister, Lacee. Arie has a beautiful wavy coat, which is very easy to maintain.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


F2b Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 25 lbs

Birthday: 9/12/21

Finley is is a sweet, playful, loving, curious, funny girl.  She likes to know what’s going on and stays by her families side.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Weight: 32 lbs

Birthday: 6/11/21

MacKenzie is calm, happy, playful & has a great food drive. She lives in her guardian home with 2 human siblings. She has a beautiful wavy coat, which is easy to maintain.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


F2b Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 25 lbs

Birthday: 11/8/20

Juliet is incredibly smart and confident. She loves to learn and do new things! She is friendly with any human, dog, cat or horse she’s ever met.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


F2b Mini Goldendoodle

Weight: 22 lbs

Birthday: 6/29/20

Lacee is such a sweetheart!  She definitely needs your 100% attention and will be stuck to you like glue once she gets it.  She has a very good personality, loves to play with her sisters and enjoys the outdoors playing and discovering new things.  She is protective of her family but in a calming way.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


F1 Miniature Bernedoodle

Weight: 30 lbs

Birthday: 7/19/19

She is a very clever and goofy girl. She always manages to make us laugh!

DNA Health Tested: All Clear

Teddy Tango

AKC Miniature Poodle

Weight:  16 lbs

Birthday: 5/3/23

Teddy is a extremly smart little guy. He has completed level 2 of his obedience training and is well on his way to be the best dog. He is very affection and loves to play with his doodle brother.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear

PennHIP results: Right 0.35 Left 0.32


F1 Mini Bernedoodle

Weight: 38 lbs

DNA Health Tested: All Clear

Zola loves to play outside (especially the snow), very affectionate, and is great with other dogs. She definitely thinks she is a lap dog despite her size. She is a ball of energy and loves to run, but she is perfectly content to lay at my feet while I work too.


Multigenerational Mini/Medium Goldendoodle

Weight: 38 lbs

Birthday: 12/23/19

River is one of our very own from Maui and Tripp. She is extremely smart with a side of silliness.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear


Miniature Bernedoodle

Weight: 24 lbs

Birthday: 4/11/20

She lives with her Guardian home with Mom and Dad and 4 human siblings. Cece is full of life. She loves adventures and cuddling on the couch with her family. She knows many tricks and is always eager to learn more.

DNA Health Tested: All Clear