Hi, I’m Korey!

I grew up in Ohio where my parents bred Champion Great Danes and Shar-pei’s. So, I guess you could say it’s in my blood. Years later, I married Jon and once we had 5 kids in the house, we wanted a great family pet. After much research we chose a Golden Retriever for their intelligence and kind and gentle heart. Watching the children grow with him was amazing. Many years (and another Golden) later, we discovered my husband was developing allergies towards the dander of the Golden. I ran into a friend with a Goldendoodle and I was immediately turned on to the mix. After more research, we chose this as our next dog. Blown away with the intelligence, character and size, I had a plan. I wanted to breed this amazing creation. And so it began! Fifteen years later, with my passion for puppies and this amazing dog, I am truly doing what I love to do. Living here next to Lake Ontario on 11 acres gives us the space to do what we love.