This is why we LOVE Lakeside Doodles and highly recommend them:

Korey responded very quickly to our initial interest in Pumba (now known as Charlie). She provided great detail on his background, as well as his parents. She explained in great clarity the differences in the breeds and designations. In addition to great details in his bloodline, health background, health certificate and health guarantee.

She explained to us that the puppies all go through a puppy culture program which was very effective and very noticeable to us immediately as we brought him home. He was completely potty trained and crate trained before we brought him home which was absolutely amazing!

We knew we would have to fly Charlie down to us because of the distance, we are in Savannah. Korey did not hesitate to look in to flight options for us. She always had his best interests at heart- non stop flights, what about the weather as it was summer and in the high 90’s here in the South.

During all of this she still kept sending photos of sweet Charlie to my husband (Charlie was my birthday present and a surprise!)

She did everything in her power to get Charlie on the plane, even though the gentlemen at the airlines was being difficult.  Korey always remained calm and never got upset about all of the failed attempts to get him on the plane- none of which were her fault.

Finally, she volunteered to bring Charlie to Charleston, SC and made it a long weekend with her husband. We could not believe she offered to do this for us. It was nicest gesture in the world. And we could not be happier with Charlie- Named Charleston after the airport. He has the sweetest demeanor and is so loveable. We could not be happier to have in in our home and lives. And we love being a part of the Lakeside Doodle Family. We love seeing pictures of Charlie’s mom, Maui, and his brothers and sisters that share their photos with Korey.